Your Career Could Be Sunk If You Don’t Possess This One Capability

The importance of being a fast innovator

A recent study by the Institute for the Future (IFTF) estimates that 85% of the jobs we’ll be doing in 12 years from now haven’t been invented yet. Technical knowledge, on average, is doubling every 13 months. In that environment, there’s one capability that will set you apart – learning agility. The study says that the ability to gain new knowledge will be valued higher than the knowledge people already have. A Pew Research Centre study showed that two-thirds of people believe that computers or robots will do much of the work in the next 50 years, and 80% believe that it won’t affect their job. In an age of such rapid change, an inability to learn quickly could see you not only out of work, but your organisation vulnerable to being disrupted by a faster innovator. If it can happen to the likes of Nokia, Kodak and Blackberry, it can happen to you!