About Tim

Tim Ferris is one of Australia’s leading strategic advisors to CEOs having had particular success in leading, coaching, and developing CEOs who are new to their role to unlock their leadership genius. He has served as a business advisor for the past 15 years, along with leading companies and large mission-based not-for-profits.

Tim is a firm believer that the failure or success of a business comes from the organisation’s culture and it is imperative that a CEO understands and guides that culture from day one on the job. Unfortunately, the demands of the new position can be so daunting, culture is ignored if the newly minted CEO isn’t careful.

After successfully working with hundreds of C-Level Executives, Tim has finally put his knowledge into a new book, CEO Strategy: Getting It Right The First Time! Breaking down what a new CEO has to think about both prior to beginning their duties, and what needs to be done when they step through the door, CEO Strategy: Getting It Right The First Time! is a must-read for anybody stepping up to the top of the corporate food chain for the first time.

Tim’s keen insight on human behaviour, natural leadership skills, and years of experience, coupled with his unique way of getting a point across will be a breath of fresh air for anybody tired of boring, monotonous business tomes.