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We’re about saving the humans from bad leaders

Just about every problem in a company, ill in society, or threat to the planet can come down to one primary cause—bad leadership. At Leadership Genius, we’re not just a business. We’re on a mission. A mission to save the humans from bad leaders. Not by eradicating bad leaders, but by transforming them, so their presence makes everything—a company, a family, a business, a country, a planet—a better place to be.

…but how does that help you..?

As a CEO or Exec, there probably has been more than once when you have lost sleep over poor leaders in your organisation, from poor handling of issues to low staff morale through to other seemingly intractable problems. And no matter what you’ve tried, the problem hasn’t shifted. Here’s where we can help. We can help you save YOUR ORGANISATION from bad leaders under you and ultimately give you what you deserve, which is…

…an organisation you are PROUD to LEAD!

Leadership Genius CEO, Tim Ferris talks to Amber Sherlock about his new book, “CEO Strategy – Getting It Right The First Time”. In this broad ranging interview, Amber quizzes Tim about his hopes for the impact of this book, some of his client success stories, and the best piece of advice that Tim gives to his CEO clients.

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Tim Ferris is one of Australia’s Top Private Strategic Advisors To CEOs Ready To Unlock Their Unique Leadership Genius. He has served as a business advisor for the past 15 years, along with leadership roles in both large companies and mission-based not-for-profits in the past.

Tim is a firm believer that the failure or success of a business comes from the organisation’s culture and it is imperative that a CEO understand and guide that culture from Day One on the job. Unfortunately, the demands of the new position can be so daunting, culture is ignored if the newly-installed CEO isn’t careful.

After successfully working with hundreds of C-Level Executives, Tim has finally put his knowledge into a new book, CEO Strategy: Getting it Right the First Time! Breaking down what a new CEO has to think about both prior to beginning their duties, and what needs to be done when they step through the door, CEO Strategy: Getting it Right the First Time! is a must-read for anybody stepping up the top of the corporate food chain for the first time.

Tim’s keen insight on human behaviour, natural leadership skills and years of experience, coupled with his unique way of getting a point across will be a breath of fresh air for anybody tired of boring, monotonous business tomes.

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“Tim’s insight into human nature—what makes us tick and how we can harness the good in ourselves and others—is remarkable. I am indebted to him for his ability to help me identify the “one percenters” that make all the difference to individual and organisational performance.

Through his inquisitive, engaging style, he gets to the very heart of an issue and helps elicit those ‘light bulb’ moments that strike at the very core of an issue. The skills and strategies he has helped me develop will have a long-lasting impact on my performance as a CEO and on that of our organisation.”

Liz Jack

Executive Director Libraries Tasmania , Former Olympic Athlete and Coach

“When we first started working with Tim, we were struggling as an organisation. We were getting our jobs done, but there was so much dissatisfaction and disengagement among our staff that something had to change.

Tim helped us clearly measure our culture as it was, and how we wanted it to be, and set us on a journey of cultural transformation. In just two years, we positively shifted our culture between 10 and 40 percentage points across all measures, staff satisfaction by 10%, and quality of output by 35%.

Tim’s input was critical to me as a leader. We still have a way to go, but we are making strong moves in the right direction.”

Greig Mercer

Plant Director Watersure, Victorian Desalination Project

“Tim is the ‘go to’ coach for many in our business. His understanding of us as individuals and the culture we work within has made him a highly regarded and much valued member of our external business support team.

Tim has enabled the professional and personal growth and development not only of many individuals within our business, but also teams, facilitating a pivotal breakthrough moment for our Leadership Team as we worked through some change issues.

It made all the difference to us as a team and to the business. I am excited about the possibility of working with Tim for many years to come.”

Catherine Pemberton

Corporate Affairs Director, FMCG

“I met Tim at a time when our executive team was in some fairly dysfunctional space. I had a crucial conversation with them that morning before we headed into a whole-day session with Tim.

I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew we needed a strong shift in our culture. Tim had a way of creating a safe enough space where the truth could come out. By the end of the day, we were in a very different place as a team.

We had the breakthrough we needed, and we could build something from there. What followed was five years of strong partnership with Tim, where we successfully turned around the culture of the executive and the results of the whole organisation. Tim has been my “go to” adviser on leadership and team effectiveness and has helped us solve some tricky problems and achieve some remarkable results that we are very proud of.”

Sharon Callister

Former CEO, Aged-Care Plus | Current CEO, Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association

You used to be one of the people tasked with getting things done. Now, as the CEO, you’re tasked with managing the people who have to get things done. It may seem like a small difference, but you’re now the one who controls the resources, and who gets them. That can lead to a fractured workplace if you’re able to navigate those waters early in your tenure.

How do you manage people’s relationships with one another while keeping a value-centered eye on what’s best for the company? Is it possible to know who is looking out for their own interests and who are the people you can trust? How do you manage these people while still being most effective at getting your work done? The challenges facing you as a new CEO are unlike any others you’ve had before.

In this groundbreaking book for new CEOs ready to unlock their leadership genius, you’ll discover:

  • How defining what kind of CEO you want to be from a values-based point-of-view can be integral to your success from Day One
  • Secrets to leading and communicating with your team so that culture and morale is built even in tough times
  • Processes to help determine what kind of people you’re looking for on your team, how to determine who to trust and how to handle those with their own agendas
  • Emotions are key to a company’s culture and how emotional wellness can have a devastating – or uplifting – effect on an organisation’s bottom line
  • As a new CEO, everybody suddenly wants a piece of you. Maintaining productivity – and your sanity – both inside and outside of the office involves new self-management skills