Work For A Jerk? You’re Not Alone

The practice of leadership is failing us globally. A recent study by Swinburne University showed that only 37% of employees trust their leaders and that’s before we’ve even touched the political world. The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer ranked CEO’s 8th in the list of who they trust, only ahead of boards and government officials. The employees of today are crying out for a different kind of leadership. The old “command and control” leadership style has long had its day and leaders who insist on this style will quickly find themselves in the corporate “dog house”. We need a new breed of leaders, who know how to engage and grow their people to create a workplace where staff want to bring their best energy to the table. Leaders who fail to do this will quickly find their profits heading into their competitor’s bank accounts and their best talent following closely behind. One of the biggest challenges is that there are very few role models or mentors for this emerging breed of leaders who know what they don’t want, but don’t yet have the skill-sets to take them towards what they do want.